In 6 easy steps.

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Metro Area

Tell us where you want to live. Select your State & Metropolitan area.

Income Range

Enter your gross yearly income (before taxes).

Credit Score

Don't be Scared!! Choose your credit range and then select the box of the credit reporting agency. We do not run your credit.


We'll ask you to check your information to make sure it's correct. If not you can go back and try again.


If your credit score is lower than 620, we will ask you a few easy questions about your credit history and financial position. This takes about 45 seconds.

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QBI Report

The final step is to generate your QBI Report. It will be emailed to your inbox. All of your information is kept private according to our Privacy Policy

Why QBI?

QBI (qualified buyer index) is the tool you need to assist you in making a decision about your readiness to buy a home. Check out the video to learn the 5 reasons why you need a QBI


Qualified Buyer Index

QBI is a tool provided by QBI, LLC to assist prospective homeowners to make a more informed decision about the home buying process.

Qualify 7
Finance 8
Ready 6

Summary Report

When you register to get your QBI, a one page report is generated to explain your score in detail.


How does QBI work?

QBI generates a three-digit number that reflects credit-readiness, ability to purchase based on housing affordability, and knowledge of information fundamental to being a successful homeowner.

Financial Scope

Credit worthiness is measured by the individual's Fair Isaac and Company scoring model (FICO) score

Geographic Location

We use the Affordability Index to determine your eligibility to afford a home in your geographic region. This index takes into account the availability of homes in your geographic region and matches that data to the average price and average income to determine your purchase price comfort range.

Knowledge and Aptitude

How much do you really know about the home buying process and homeownership responsibilities? Your answers to these questions are analyzed to determine your current readiness and understanding.